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University Publishing House


The Publishing House qua one of the branches of the University was founded in 1997 via merging of the Editorial Department and the Printing House.

The main functions of the Publishing House include the promotion and realization of the publishing and printing activity of the University, i.e. the editing and printing academic textbooks and research brochures which correspond to the National Educational Standard of quality, the production of manuals, booklets, research materials which facilitate the academic and research activities undretaken by the University.

The Publishing House operates in concordance with the following criteria:

  • The Charter of the Far Eastern State Transportation University
  • The regulations of the labour code of the University
  • The regulation as regards the functioning of the Publishing House
  • The regulation as regards the Editorial and Printing activity of FESTU

The Publishing House provides services to the organizations and general public in terms of all possible types of typography, type design, color printing, as well as printing of monographs and abstracts of research papers published at the expense of the customer.


Head of the House - Olga Nikolaevna Khavil
Phone: +7 (4212) 40-75-89, e-mail: izdvo@festu.khv.ru
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Phones of the PH: +7 (4212) 40-75-28, 40-76-36, 40-76-76 (editors), 40-70-51 (technical editors).
The Publishing House is located in the Lab building, Rooms 358, 2403, 54.



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