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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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About the Journal
Content of the Last Issue
Index of Articles
Authors Guidelines

1. The journal publishes materials which have not been published before.
2. The articles submitted to the editorial board undergo a reviewing procedure.
3. Manuscripts of articles and other materials are to be recommended by the faculties of higher schools, laboratories and other structural divisions of scientific research institutions, research-methodological or academic conferences and seminars. Works by post-graduate students are accepted for publishing with references from their academic adviser.
4. Articles by post graduate students and seekers for Candidate Degrees are published free of charge.
5. The volume of the article should be from 0.5 to 1 publication base (40 000 printable characters). No more than three illustrations, diagrams or schemes can be placed within the article.
6. The following are the requirements for manuscripts submitted to the editorial board.
    6.1. The materials submitted to the editorial board must be presented in electronic and in print format ( two copies of the original text (files)). The names of files must be specified in the printed copy. The text-based editor is Word. The materials should be signed by the author on the title page near the name of the author.
    6.2. The title page of the article must contain the complex of the elements located on the page in the following order. At the top of the page the title of the article is printed in capital letters bold font. Surnames of the authors follow the heading and are printed by lower case letters. No other data is to be specified.
    6.3. References should follow the body of the text in alphabetical order, first the sources in Russian language, then the sources in foreign languages. References to the cited sources, and notes should be incorporated in the text of the article, after the quotation in square brackets, with the number from the list of references. Bibliographical description of the source in the list of references is implemented in accordance with the rules of GOST 7.1-2003. Font and line spacing, is the same as in the article.
    6.4. Margins: top – 2 cm; bottom – 2 cm; left – 3 cm; right 1 cm; the size of a paper – A4 (210x297 mm); font «Times New Roman» # 14; line spacing – 1.5.
    6.5. Notes and quotations incorporated in the body of the text should be numbered consecutively.
7. Materials without substantiated research support or not corresponding to the rules mentioned higher will not be considered. Manuscripts will not be returned.
8. The following data about the author should be attached to the manuscript: first name, middle name initial, last name, scientific degree, academic status, place of work, postal address, work address, home address, office phone number, home telephone number, fax, e-mail.
9. An extended abstract of the article of 1500-2000 printed characters in Russian and English, the title of the article in English and the list of key words (no more than 15) are to be attached.
10. Please address the materials to the following address: 47, Seryshev Str., Khabarovsk, 680021, Far Eastern State Transportation University (FESTU) Editorial board of the journal «The Humanities and Social Studies in the Far East». E-mail: journal@festu.khv.ru

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