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Vorobjeva Klarisa Ivanovna Vorobjeva Klarisa Ivanovna
an Associate member of the Academy of the pedagogical and social Sciences, a member of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP), Professor, Doctor of psychology, the Heard of the Department “Psychology” of The Far-Eastern State Transport University. In 1974 she graduated the Khabarovsk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1989 she defended the Candidate dissertation; in 1996 she defended the Doctoral dissertation.
The Chairman of Regional Dissertational Council of KM 218.03.04 on Psychology. The member of UMO of Russia on the classical education in the field of psychology, the Chairman of Far East branch of UMO. Academic interests are psychology of personality, modern methods of psychotherapy (bibliotherapy, musictherapy), psychology of labor activity and psychology of organization. The author of more than fifty scientific and methodological works in Russian and English languages.

The basic publications:


The home-grown bibliologikal psychology: a history, state and perspective. – St.Petersburg: Kultinformpress, 1996;
The development of bibliopsychology in Russia in the twenties-thirties of XX century. – St.Petersburg: Kultinformpress, 1996;
Bibliotherapy. – Khabarovsk: KhGIIK, 1996;
Psychology of time: the personal point. - Khabarovsk: FEIPaP, 2003.


Basis psychology of operator labor on rail freight traffic and methods of diagnostics. - Khabarovsk: FEIPaP, 2003.
Psychological test of fiction. Khabarovsk: FEIPaP, 2006.


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