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Serdyukov Yury Mihaylovich Serdyukov Yury Mihaylovich - the editor-in-chief.
Doctor of Philosophy, professor, the professor of the faculty "Philosophy" of the Far Eastern State Transportation University.
He was born on August 27, 1962 in Blagoveshchensk of the Amurskaya Oblast. In 1985 he graduated with honors from the Historical faculty of the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical Institute.
The theme of the Candidate dissertation is Transcendation in self-cognition (1992), the theme of the Doctoral dissertation is Irreflexive forms of cognition and a problem of differentiation between phaenomena and noumena (1998).
Chairman of Regional Dissertational Council of DM 218.003.02 on Philosophy. A member of Presidium of Methodological Council of the Department of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on Philosophy, Chairman of Far East branch of this Council. Academic interests are the theory of cognition, history of philosophy, cognitive psychology. The author of more than fifty scientific and methodological works in Russian and English languages.

The basic publications:


Serdyukov Yu.M. Irreflexive forms of cognition. - oscow: Prometey, 1997. - 84 p.
Serdyukov Yu.M. Critical sketch of psychophysical dualism. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2003. - 94 p.
Serdyukov Yu.M. Demythologization of magic. - Ussuriysk, Publishing house USPI, 2003. - 154 p.
Serdyukov Yu.M. Alternative to parascience. - oscow: Academia, 2005. - 312 p.


Serdyukov Yu.M. Practical course on philosophy. - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Publishing house KSPI, 1994. - 190 p. (Recommended by the State committee of the Russian Federation for higher education as the manual for students of higher educational institutions).
Serdyukov Yu.M. Critical analysis of parascience. Manual. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2005. - 130 p. (Recommended for classical university education as a manual for students of the higher educational institutions trained on the specialty 030101 and 030100 "Philosophy").
Serdyukov Yu.M. Natural information systems of person (course of lectures). - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2005. - 59 p.

The address: 47, office 262, Seryshev Str., Khabarovsk, 680000 phone / fax: (4212) 355-293.

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