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Pishun Sergey Viktorovich Pishun Sergey Viktorovich
Doctor of Philosophy, professor, pro-rector on research work of the Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute (USPI), professor of the Faculty of Political Science, Cultural Science and History of USPI, head of the Faculty of Philosophy of Institute of History and Philosophy of the Far Eastern State University.
He was born on July 13, 1966 in Artem of Primorye Kray. In 1988 he graduated with distinction from the Faculty of History and Law of USPI. The theme of the Candidate dissertation is The socially-philosophical and mythological foundations of religion of life of V.V. Rozanov (experience of system reconstruction and interpretation) (1993), the theme of the Doctoral dissertation is Formation and development of orthodox personology in Russia during the XIX century (1996).
The Deputy Chairman of Regional Dissertation Council of DM 218.003.02 on philosophical sciences at Far Eastern State Transportation University, a member of Regional Dissertation Council of DM 212.055.05 on philosophical sciences at Far East State Technical University, Regional Dissertation Council of DM 212.006.01 on philosophical sciences at the Amur State University and Doctoral Dissertation Council D 212.056.03 on political sciences at Far Eastern State University. A member of Methodological Council on Philosophical sciences at the Ministry of Education and Science.
Academic interests are the history of Russian religious philosophy and the Russian political science, philosophy of religion, philosophy of culture, philosophical anthropology. The author of over 70 scientific and scientifically-methodical works in Russian and English languages.

The basic publications:


Pishun S.V. Social philosophy of V.V. Rozanov. - Vladivostok: Publishing house FESU, 1993. - 156 p.
Pishun S.V., Pishun V.K. Religion of a life of V.V. Rozanov. - Vladivostok: Publishing house FESU, 1994. - 209 p.
Pishun S.V. Orthodox personology and the spiritually-academic theism of XIX century. .: Prometey, 1996. - 428 p.
Pishun S.V., Kurbenkov V.A. Conceptual foundations of the political doctrine of B.A. Kistyakovsky. - Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2005. - 128 p.


Pishun S.V. Course of lectures on history of ancient Chinese philosophies. Ussuriisk: Publishing house USPI, 2000. - 116 p.
Pishun S.V., Kurbenkov V.A. Political views of Vasily Vasilevich Rozanov. Ussuriisk: Publishing house USPI, 2006. - 48 p.

The address:

87, Apt. 17; Lenin Str., Primorye Territory, Ussuriysk, 692500 ph. (4234) 32-32-16; e-mail: pishoons@mail.ru
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