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Elena L. Lysenkova
Elena L. Lysenkova

- Doctor of Philology, Professor at the Department of Foreign Philology, North-Eastern State University, Magadan.
She was born Feb. 8, 1971, Valkumey, Chaunsky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia.
In 1993 after graduating International Pedagogical University (Magadan) E. L. Lysenkova entered a full-time postgraduate study. Candidate`s thesis (1997): Evolution of R.M. Rilke`s poetic language and problems of its reflecting in Russian translations. Doctoral thesis (2007): R.M. Rilke`s poetry and prose in Russian translations (historical, stylistic-comparative and translational aspects). E. L. Lysenkova is awarded the Medal and Diploma of Russian Academy of Sciences for the scientific research (2000), the Certificate of Appreciation of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2010). Research interests: Translation theory, Cross-cultural communication, Literary translation. E. L. Lysenkova is the author of more than one hundred thirty scientific and scientific-methodological works in Russian and German.

Major publications:

Lysenkova E.L. Translators reflect on R.M. Rilke [Perevodchiki o R.M. Rilke] / E.L. Lysenkova. Magadan: MAOBTI, 1998. 48 p. [in Russian]
Lysenkova E.L. R.M. Rilke`s prose in Russian translations [Proza R.M. Rilke v russkih perevodah] / E.L. Lysenkova. M.: OOO Azbukovnik; ITI Tekhnologii, 2004. 216 p. [in Russian]
Lysenkova E.L. R.M. Rilke`s poetry in Russian translations [Poehziya R.M. Rilke v russkih perevodah] / E.L. Lysenkova ; edited by PhD, Prof. R.R. Tchaikovsky. Magadan: SVGU, 2012. 193 p. [in Russian]
Lysenkova E.L. Translation of poetry: typology and plurality: Manual for Philology students [Perevod poehzii: tipologiya i mnozhestvennost: uchebnoe posobie dlya studentov-filologov] / E.L. Lysenkova, R.R. Tchaikovsky. M.: IIU MGOU, 2013. 194 p. [in Russian]
Lysenkova E.L. Literary translation as a form of Cross-cultural communication (general theory) [Hudozhestvennyj perevod kak vid mezhkulturnoj kommunikacii (osnovy teorii)] / E.L. Lysenkova and others ; edited by PhD, Prof. R.R. Tchaikovsky. M.: FLINTA: Nauka, 2014. 224 p. [in Russian]

Contacts: 685000, Magadan, Russia, Portvaya St. 13, North-Eastern State University, Department of Foreign Philology; e-mail: elysenkova71@mail.ru

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