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Lazareva Larissa Petrovna Lazareva Larissa Petrovna
She is a Doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professor, managing faculty "Russian" of Far Eastern State University of Transportation. She was born on December 8, 1945 in Partizansk of Primorye Territory.
In 1968 she graduated from the Philological Faculty of Far East State University. The theme of her Candidate dissertation is Pedagogical conditions of personal self-security of students-first-year students in a technical college (1996), the thesis for the doctor's dissertation is Theory and practice of pedagogical support of self-development life stability of the students of a technical college (2000) . She is a member of Regional Dissertation Council of KM 212.202.01 on pedagogical sciences at Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Pedagogical University. She is the dean of the faculty Pedagogics of higher school at Institute of Refresher Training of FESTU. Academic interests are the theory and a technique of vocational training, the psychological contents of pedagogical process, communicative competence of a developing person.
She is the author of more than fifty scientific and scientifically-methodical works.

The basic publications:


Lazareva L.P. Pedagogics of life stability. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house of FESTU, 1999. - 109 p.
Lazareva L.P. Pedagogical support of self-development of life stability of the future experts of a technical structure. - Khabarovsk: Publishing house FESTU, 2000. - 166 p.: silt.
Lazareva L.P. Psychology of life stability. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2002. - 106 .: silt.


Lazareva L.P. I am a clever manager. Psychology and pedagogics in popular conversations for the future and present-day managers. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 1999. 85p.
Lazareva L.P. Pedagogical process as system of conditions for self-development of students' life stability. Manual. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2001. - 87 p..
Lazareva L.P. Core directions of activity of psychological service of high school in questions and answers. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2001. - 79 p.
Lazareva L.P. Psychology of social work. - Khabarovsk, Publishing house FESTU, 2001. - 87 p.
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