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Pechenyuk A.M., Karpova I.V.

         Anatoly Mikhailovich Pechenyuk – Doctor of Science (Pedagogy), Professor of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Socio-Humanitarian Technologies at Far Eastern State University of Humanities (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: pechenuk_am@mail.ru

         Irina Viktorovna Karpova – Candidaite of Science (Pedagogy), Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Information Technologies at Far Eastern State University of Humanities (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: karpova_rabota@mail.ru

The article reviews certain issues of inclusive education, among them training teachers, specifically intended for work in inclusive schools; dealing with parents of children with limited abilities; modifying the learning environment for children with limited abilities. It also draws readers' attention to the necessity and relevancy of significant alteration of attitudes as regards educational priorities of children irrespective of their age, state of health, abilities and limitations.

        Key words: inclusion, principles of inclusive education, school of inclusive education, challenges and contradictions of teachers' training for inclusive schools.

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