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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2015



Avilov R.S. On the Way to the Revolution: the Garrison of the Vladivostok Fortress in 1905
Andriets G.V. Cultural Life of far Eastern Cities During the Russo-Japanese War (19041905)
Elantseva O.P., Trubich O.A. Evacuation of the Oriental Institute From Vladivostok to Verkhneudinsk (1905): an Administrative Aspect
Kovalchouk M.A., Bobyshev S.V. Transport of the Far East in Armed Military Conflicts of the First Quarter of the 20th Century
Pavlov Yu.A. The Supreme Command of the Russian Army in the Russo-Japanese War (19041905)
Pikalov Yu.V. Causes and Consequences of Russia's Defeat in the Russo-Japanese War (19041905)
Poloutov A.V. Unknown heroes of the Battle of Tsushima: Heroic Fight of the Destroyer Bezuprechny (may 28, 1905)
Slivko S.V. Life and Work of Alexei P. Stankevich (18881942)
Sokolenko A.V. Countering the Spread of Revolutionary Movement in the Army and Navy in the Far East of the Russian Empire During the Revolution of 19051907
Fetisova L.Y. The Russo-Japanese War of 19041905 in Folk Songs of Russia's Far East


Andreeva S.V. The Structure of Leadership Skills Developed Via Educational Process at Universities
Bazhenova N.G., Shmurygina N.V. Self-Organization of Student Body at Universities: Realities and Growth Points (the Case Study of Jewish Autonomous Region)
Vyaznikova L.F., Farafonova L.N. The Role of Scientific Conference in the Formation of Academic Community in the Region
Zavjyalova A.A. Russia and China Today: Two Views on the Reform of the National Higher Education
Zachinyaeva E.F. Ontological Modality of Educational Process in Master Schools of Pedagogy
Blinov L.V., Nedorezova V.L. Educational Milieu Qua Social Context for Assimilation of Cultural Experience and Development of Personality
Lazareva L.P. Challenging Issues of Educators' Professional Culture
Lukovenko T.G. Networking Options in Educational Sphere of Khabarovsk Krai
Mitina G.V. Methodological Training of Primary School Teachers in Modern Conditions
Pechenyuk A.M., Karpova I.V. Inclusive Education: Myths and Reality
Shafranova O.Y. Effective Teachers for Effective Universities


Bereznitsky S.V. A. M. Vladykin's Scientific and Organizational Activity in Siberia and the Far East in the 18th Century
Vandenko V.A. Reevaluation of Terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Through the Lens of European Medical Science (Article Two: xue, jin ye and shen)
Verkhoturov A.D., Voronov B.A., Makienko V.M., Konevtsov L.A. The Methodology of Materialogy and its Impact on Sustainable Development of the Far East
Dudina M.V. Sociological Analysis of Education in Higher Educational Establishments: Innovative Aspects (the Case Study of Khabarovsk Universities)
Kim A.S., Ponomarenko T.V. The Implementation of Strategy of Government National Policy in the Far East: Conflict Aspect (Based on the Study of Khabarovk Krai)
Osipova M.V. Food System of the Ainu: the Past and the Present
Osipova E.V. Theatrical Art in Far Eastern Russia at the Time of Wwii and Warfare Motifs in Regional Repertoire
Piskunov S.A. Evolution of Government Aid for Displaced Russian Villagers in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Strenakov D.A. Legal Regulation of the Acquisition of Aquatic Biological Resources in the Far East
Tainov S.V. Circumstances Subject to Proof in the Investigations of Thefts Committed in the Domain of Capital Construction of Highways in the Far East
Titoreva G.F. Challenges of Collectivization in the Okhotsk Sea Region in the 1930s


Livshits R.L. From the Perspective of Christian Atheism: Remarks on the Article by A.P. Gerasimenko Human Rights: European Antinomy

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