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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Stepanok O.V.

         Stepanok Olga Vladimirovna – Postgraduate student of the Department of Culture and Art Studies, School of Arts, Culture and Sports at Far Eastern Federal University.

E-mail: redelina@mail.ru


The author explores some elements of traditional Russian culture. The material for this study comprises works by famous Russian scholars and literary works of Russian writers. The author argues that in the works of researchers the Russian culture is represented by ideational and material components. Literary works of Russian writers present a wide panorama of the daily life culture of Russian people. In the works of Russian writers of the 19th century, the Russian culture is classified into the noble culture and the culture of the masses. The author notes that the traditional Russian culture is preserved by literature, but it disappears in a modern urban environment. And so the problem of structuring and labeling the Russian national culture is not faded away.

        Key words: Russian culture, traditional Russian culture, material culture, ideationally culture, culture of daily life, noble culture, folk culture.

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