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Rivlina A.A.

         Alexandra Abramovna Rivlina – Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of English for Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

E-mail: rivlina@mail.ru


Writing systems are often perceived as symbolic of particular languages and, due to languages being interconnected with national cultures, as symbolic of particular cultures. The article discusses various technical, linguistic and sociolinguistic factors determining the choice of either English or Russian, either the Roman script or the Cyrillic script in Russian internet domain names. The use of both languages and both scripts in the internet nominations at different levels, which has become possible as a result of technical innovations, though not directly connected with the issues of national and cultural identity, renders a wide range of symbolic meanings, including national and cultural connotations.

        Key words: globalization, bilingualism, biscriptalism / digraphia, language choice and script choice, computer-mediated communication, code-switching and code-mixing, Romanization.

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