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A.P. Gerasimenko

         Anatoly Petrovich Gerasimenko – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law at Amur State University (Blagoveshchensk).

E-mail: cherdakov@mail.ru


Philosophical and legal estimation of the concept of human rights, the way it is interpreted in the law system of juridical type typical of the European model, allows for explication of an antinomy, which is manifested in the incompatibility of interpretation of human rights qua personal claims which are secured by the state and as personal liberties defended in courts. Since the specified antinomy is relevant only within juridical treatment margins, it is not radically important. The genuine antinomy of European interpretation of human rights lies in ideological disintegration of European legal world-view, wherein there is a prevalence of legal ideology of radical orientations – left-wing or right-wing. The only guarantee of human rights in the European Council states and the USA is rooted in those legal ideologies, which have centrist and moderate views on the issues of state and law.

        Key words: human rights, legal philosophy, legal ideology, history of human rights.

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