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Yu.M. Serdyukov

         Yuri Mikhailovich Serdyukov – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Law at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: editor@festu.khv.ru


The author postulates that spatial-figurative thinking is characterized by the following features: 1) in philo- and ontogenesis, it precedes logical and verbal thinking, serving as its foundation; 2) it is based on sensory memory, both iconic (visual images) and echoic (auditory images) primarily; 3) it operates via holistic images (gestalts), hence the holistic image of reality; 4) it is emotionally loaded; 5) it processes information faster than logical and verbal thinking; 6) it creates I-image (Self-image), located in the frontal lobe of right cerebral hemisphere; 7) it incorporates inner speech.

        Key words: psyche, consciousness, thinking, Two Information Processing Systems.

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