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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #4, year 2014



Arutyunyan M.P. Transformation of Methodological Approaches to consideration of corporeality Phenomenon
Kudashov V.I. Holistic Approach to Corporeality
Serdyukov Yu.M. Spatial-Figurative Thinking
Markov B.V. Engineering of Body
Livshits R.L. Ineffectiveness of Medical Analogies in Social Cognition
Khubulava G.G. Religious and Ethical Aspects of Organ Transplantation
Manikovskaya M.A. Corporeality Phenomenon in Traditional Art of Japan: Hermeneutical Reflection
Rudetsky O.A. Representation of Russian Identity in Symbolic Images of Corporeality
Pishun S.V. Corporeality and Spirituality Doctrine in Religious Philosophy of Archbishop Innokenty (Borisov)
Mezentsev I.V. Assessment of Catholic Metaphysics of the Body by Representatives of the Orthodox Spiritual and Academic Theism of 19th - early 20th Centuries in the Context of Historical Development of the Confessional Features of Comprehension of Corporeality Phenomenon
Sulema А.А. The Problem of Corporeality in Philosophical and Religious Anthropology of V.I. Nesmelov


Astanina E.A. Young Lenin Communist League Political and Educational Work in the Soviet far East in the Late 1930S
Gnatovskaya E.N. Political Participation of Railway Transportation Workers in the Activities of CPSU(b) in the Soviet Far East (1920–1950)
Dudina M.V. Sociocultural Foundations of Professional Sociolization of Personality: Innovation Approach
Ezhelya U.V., Kuzmin V.L. Railway Transport in People's Republic of China at the Turn of the Centuries: Economic Nature of Leadership
Kim S.S. Specific Aspects of Conducting Testimony Verification at Hearing of Criminal Cases Held in Khabarovsk Region
Koroleva V.A. Korean Enlightener and Cultural Luminary Cho Myung Hee in the Far East of Russia (1928–1938): the Great Mission and the Destiny of Tragedy
Leychenko O.F., Levadnyaya M.O. Social and Cultural Adaptation of Children Emigrating From Former Soviet Republics and Neighboring Countries in Primorsky Region
Moiseeva L.A., Pecheritsa V.F. Russia's Far East Vector in Modernization Policy Aimed at Russia's Integration in Asia-Pacific Region
Filonenko V.V., Tretiyakov M.M. Strategy Projects for Khabarovsky Krai Tourist Market Development: Marketing Approach
Efendieva G.V., Pyshnyak O.E. Valery Pereleshin and His Experience of Poetic Translation of Chinese Philosophical Treatise “Tao Te Ching”


Gerasimenko A.P. Human Rights: European Antinomy

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