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L.G. Dikaya, E.E. Torchinskaya

         Larisa Grigorievna Dikaya – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Principal Researcher of the Laboratory of Labour Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

         Elena Evgenievna Torchinskaya – Postgraduate student of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

E-mail: larchick38@mail.ru


The results of research of the professionals who have become disabled as a result of spinal injury are presented. Based on the analysis of personal experiences and attitudes towards disability the versatile nature of the disease is revealed. It has been established that the specific character of the personal experience and mental states determine the individual differences in the transition from eco-psychological vulnerability to various forms of self-realization in order to create social and environmental comfort.

        Key words: trauma, crisis experiences, mental states, disabled spinal patients, internal picture of disease (IPD), environmental vulnerability, adaptation, direction of environmental self-realization, tolerance.

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