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E.P. Ermolaeva

         Elena Pavlovna Ermolaeva - Doctor of Psychology, Leading Research Officer of the Laboratory of Psychology of Labor and Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

E-mail: ermlen@yandex.ru


The collapse of traditional socio-professional space resulting from the reforms and globalization, leads to negative consequences failing to ensure public safety professional services, which are designed to maintain its stability and conflict-free relations in the system of interaction of each person with the profession and society. Closure of the leading industrial enterprises and the whole branches of production, accompanied by the decline in single-industry towns results in people losing their jobs and professions, becoming professionally marginalized, excluded from normal life. All these phenomena relate to the issues of ecological psychology, because they make impossible the further comfortable existence of numerous layers of society and the implementation of their mission without drastic restructuring of the target, motivation and values. Professional marginalism is considered as a psycho-ecological catastrophe.

        Key words: psycho-ecological environment of the professional, professional marginalism, globalisation, social adaptation, coping.

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