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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2014



Nevstrueva T. Kh. Psychotechnical Model of Impact Upon a Person within the System "Nature – Man – Technology"
Braun O.A. Environmental Psychology: History of Development and Current State of Affairs
Ivanova E.M. Cognitive Orientation of Personality qua Potential Resource for Overcoming Life Crises
Aldasheva A.A. Individual Strategies of Environmental Behavior
Savin S.Z., Turkov S.L. Noosphere Mind and Ecological Consciousness
Kormochi E.A., Mazurkevich A.V. Psychosemantic Features of Ecological Consciousness: Oriental and Western Models
Yurina I.G. Creative Age qua Problem of Ecology of Consciousness
Lavigina I.V. Gender Features of Ecological Consciousness
Makhnach A.V. Sociocultural and Ecological Approach to the Study of Individual and Family Resilience
Kalita V.V., Shaitanyuk A.V. The Concept of Psychological Comfort
Vorobyova K.I., Barkova E.G. Ecology of Corporeality Within the Framework of Subject Relations
Yakusheva N.Yu. Unconscious Determination of Cognitive Processes


Lazareva L.P. Ecology of the Inner World of Man in the Context of Psychological Knowledge and Religious Faith
Savitskaya T.V. Faith qua Factor of Elimination of Cognitive Dissonance in Conventional Consciousness
Bazarova D.R. Ecology of the Soul and Youth
Korneenkov S.S. Education, Human Values and Spiritual Development of Personality
Monsonova A.R. Ethno-Confessional Identity of Person and Its Axiological-Semantic Regulation


Ermolaeva E.P. Professional Marginalism as Psycho-Ecological Catastrophe
Dikaya L.G., Torchinskaya E.E. Coping with Crisis Mental States: An Ecological Approach
Lyubitskaya O.A., Proshina E.A. Ecological Aspect of Experiencing Fear in Sporting Activities
Oparina N.M., Lodde O.A. Identity Determinants of Mental States of Computer Programmers
Khrenov N.D. Psychological Structure of Moral and Ethical Factor in Safe Railroad Maintenance
Soboleva T.N. Regularities of Development of Basic Abilities on Intrinsic, Subjective and Personal Levels
Lanina E.M., Simkin M. Organization of Professional Labour for Intellectually Disabled People
Saburova S.L. Individual Nature of Performance in the Context of Musical Motion and Corporeal Expression


Kharchevnikova E.V., Anchukova N.I. Ecological Nature of Pedagogical Communication qua Factor of Efficient Conflict Resolution
Romkina A.A., Seriy A.V. Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Axiological-Semantic Core of Ecological Consciousness in University Education Process
Postylyakova Yu.V. Graduates' Notions Re Role of Higher Educational Establishment in Promoting Employment
Vinichuk N.V., Kalita V.V. Socio-Psychological Adaptation of Students in the Multiethnic Educational Space of Higher Educational Establishments
Sanzhaeva R.D., Badmaeva H.T. Development of Creativity of Elementary School Students


Kosykh N.E., Levkova E.A., Savin S.Z., Budnitsky A.A. Information Virtual Models in Case Studies of Environmental Psychology
Oparina N.M. Psychological Safety in the Conditions of Globalization of the Internet
Gorelkin A.V., Yanitsky M.S. Problem of Negative Information Impact in the Internet Space and Major Tendencies of Ensuring Information Security of Youth


Baikov N.M., Zamogilny S.I. Migration of Ukrainians to Canada and Russia's Far East: General and Specific Features of the Historical Context
Gurevich V.S. Jewish Colonization of the Far East in the First Half of the XX-th Century (Case Study of The Jewish Autonomous Region)
Zabiyako A.A. Emigration and Childhood: "Children's Text" in the Works of A. Nesmelov
Zhivaga A.Yu. Social Issues of Depressive Municipal Education (Case Study of the Sakhalin Region)
Borodin P.V., Tyutyukov V.G. The Significance of Physical Training for Medical Students and Medical Personnel in Khabarovsk
Lobunets E.S. Investigative Actions Carried out “In Hot Pursuit” (the Case Study of the Far Eastern Region)

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