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N.V. Roiba

         Natalia Vladimirovna Roiba is Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Department of English Philology and Translation, Amur State University (Blagoveschensk).

E-mail: nat.roy@bk.ru


This paper focuses on the prospects of political discourse study due to integrating tendencies both in social and political life and current research fields. We attempt to adjust the concept of global political discourse by including the means of international political communication, that is Global English, which consolidates and communicates national identities of political agents. Thus, successful research of contemporary global political discourse should embrace a comparative analysis of national varieties of Englishes in cultural and discursive aspects.

        Key words: political communication, political discourse, global political discourse, multiethnic language, global English, consolidating function, identifying function of the English language, culture-bound political discourse.

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