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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2014



Asaliyeva S.I. Nouns of Temporal Semantics Naming Definite Units of Time in the Lezgin and English Languages
Butenina E.M. Interaction of Classical Traditions in Chinese American Literature
Vishnyakova E.A. Representation of Cultural Values in the Type of Nomination
Gritsenko E.S. English as a Semiotic Resource in Everyday Russian Communication
D'Angelo J. Japanese English? Refocusing the Discussion
Dyuzheva M.B., Vlasova T.M. The Use of Precedent Texts in Magazine Article Titles
Zavyalova V.L. Peculiarities of Lingua Franca Communication in Asia-Pacific: Problems of East Asian Accent Perception
Krayushkina T.V. On Globalization of Folklore (Etiological Legends About Coffee in Russian Internet Resources)
Ksenzenko O.A. Sociocultural and Linguistic Aspects of Advertising Communication: Tendencies, Problems and Solutions
Kuznetsova A.O. English in Sports Subculture Called Ultimate Frisbee
Lazaretnaya O.V. English Language Teaching: Teaching Models and Strategies in the World of Linguistic Relativity
Lobanova L.P. The Formation of the Linguistic Picture of the World and Its Character According to W. von Humboldts Philosophy of Language
Martynova E.O. Phonological and Orthographic Peculiarities of British Names in Cameroon English
Mullyadzhanova N.S. English Borrowings in Russian Chemical Terminology
Omelichkina E.O. Literature-Music Dialogue Illustrated by Eternal Images
Proshina U.M. Students Autonomy at Todays Tertiary School
Rivlina A.A. English-Russian Interaction in Modern Russian Linguistic Landscape
Roiba N.V. Local Perspectives in the Global Political Discourse
Serkova N.I. Literary Translation: an Integrated Approach
Sobyanina V.A. Research Into Specifics of the German Language of Migrants in Germany
Fyodorov V.V. Linguistic Borrowings in Contemporary Chinese Journalism in English
Chernyshova E.B. Development of Ideas About the Linguistic Consciousness in Traditional Linguistics
Shatalova N.A. On Russian English


Akhmetova A.V., Bobyshev S.V. Soviet State and Organization of Upbringing and Education of Indigenous Population of the Far East in the 1960s and the First Half of the 1980s
Bereznicki S.V. Friedrich Derbek's Research in the Far East of Russia at the Beginning of the XX Century
Guseva E.I. N.V. Ustrialov on the Topic of the Russian Emigration: New Documents From the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
Stasyukevich S.M. The Problem of Hunger in the Far Eastern Settlements in 19221925 and Tax Policies of the Soviet Government
Osipova E.V. Far Eastern Theater Under the Conditions of Social Transformations of the 2030s of the XX century
Pichugina N.A. Organization and Maintenance of Tourist Railway Routes in the Khabarovsk Krai (1960s1980s)
Tronova G.A. Commencement of Technical Training in the Far Eastern Railroad Industry (Late XIX Century and Early XX Century)

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