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Vorobyova C.I., Saburova S.L.

         Clarissa Ivanovna Vorobyova is Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Rector of Far Eastern Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: dvpsycho@mail.ru

         Svetlana Leonidovna Saburova is Senior Lecturer at Far Eastern Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Post-graduate student of the Department of Psychology at Far Eastern State Transportation University.

E-mail: swetl.saburova@yandex.ru


This article describes motivational and semantic determinants of a musicians public performance. It shows that a musicians professional activity, steeped in excessive stress, develops into the meaning of the musician's life, where the leading motive of preparation for the public performance is the real performing motivation, associated with comprehension and creative interpretation of a composer's intention. Motivational and semantic determinants of adaptation for the public performance are determined not only by the specific nature of the vocation, but more importantly, by the way of life and the frame of mind of the artist; not so much by the pleasure attained from the creative process proper and the results of the public performances in question as well as the recognition, as by the sense of joy and inability to live in a different way.

        Key words: professional activity, musician, public performance, stress, motivation, meaning, adaptation, determinants.

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