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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2014



Livshits R.L. Eternity and Moment as Categories of Human Existence
Zabiyako A.P. Folklore and Mythology in the Light of Cognitive Theory of Franz Boas
Pishun S.V. Metaphysics of Religion in Europe and Theism of Russian Orthodoxy in the 19th Century: Search for Patterns Verifying the Existence of the Absolute Spirit
Shkurkin A.M. The Doctrine of Labour in the Philosophical Concepts of Ancient Philosophers
Yurasov A.A. Mental Time


Smolyakov V.A., Zakharova T.I. Political Development of East Asia: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism
Spassky E.N. Organizational and Structural Dimensions of Political Parties: History and Modernity
Kuleshov V.E. Dialectics of Social and Personal, Politics and Morality in Persons Sense of Duty
Krivonosova L.A. Modern Trends in the Development of Practice-Oriented Social Education
Oleynikova E.Y. Education qua Social System in the Context of Classical and Modern Sociology


Elantseva O.P., Mefodyeva S.A. Formation of Tynda qua Component of Strategic Development of the Far East
Kovalchuk M.A. Management of Chinese Eastern Railway (19031917): Historical and Legal Aspects
Krotova M.V. The Issue of Sale of Chinese Eastern Railway in 1935
Romanova V.V. The Red Cross in the Far East of the Russian Empire: The Commencement of History


Nevstrueva T.H. Methodological Aspects of Theoretical Background of Psychological Practice
Vorobyova C.I., Saburova S.L. Motivational and Semantic Determinants of Musicians Public Performance
Lyubitskaya O.A., Puzirnaya E.K. The Professional Component of Worldview of Diverse Specialists
Lazareva L.P., Kharina I.V. Subjective and Objective Factors of Formation of Foreign Students Multicultural Competence
Semidilikhina O.Y. Psychological and Pedagogical Determinants of Speech Culture Fostering by the Officers in the Border Guard Institutions
Anchukova N.I., Kharchevnikova E.V. Psychological and Pedagogical Conditions of Professional Training of Students of Psychology


Egorov N.N. Issues of Application of Special Knowledge in Criminal Proceedings
Kolotushkin S.M. The Issue of Information Provision of the Anti-Terrorist Activity of Law Enforcement
Meretsky N.E. Initial Stage of Investigation of Severe Consequences Arising from the Use of Falsified Evidence in Civil Judicial Proceedings
Meshkov V.M. The Problem of Public Participation in Exposing Corrupt Officials
Shurukhnov N.G. Techno-Criminological Provision of Crime Investigation
Yarovenko V.V. Investigation via Dermatoglyphics qua Prospective Trend in Gathering Information about Subject
Khuditskaya Y.P. Some Aspects of Counteraction to Investigation of Crimes Related to Failure or Improper Performance of Duties of Minors Upbringing


Proshina Z.G. Intermediary Translation and Translation Convertibility
Stephanie Houghton. Savoir se transformer
Malneva E.Y. - New Renaissance, - The Cognitive Turn and Constructs of Human Mind: How Art Creates Reality and How Illusion Generates Art
Zabiyako A.A. Spy Mania and Spy-Graphy of Russian Harbin: The Adventure of Spyware Story in Emigration Fiction

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