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Kharchevnikova E. V.

        Elena Vladimirovna Kharchevnikova is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology at Far East State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).



This paper highlights the results of empirical research of psychological resources for adaptation of military engineers of radio electronic warfare during their first year of service. According to present day ideas, efficient adaptation depends upon the capability of subjects to change their psychological concepts adjusting them to the new reality. Such capabilities consist of psychological resources of personality required for adaptation to professional activities. The research has described basic structural components of psychological resources for the adaptation of military engineers. The research showed that the individual psychological features of young officers are the psychological resources for adaptation to professional activities and the lack of these resources causes difficulties in professional adaptation. The research has also shown that the officers with higher levels of neuro-psychic resilience, communicative capabilities and moral norms adapt to professional activities and new living circumstances in a better and easier way. Results of the empirical research served as the basis for defining the direction of work with the program of psychological support of the adaptation of young officers (radio-electronic engineers) to military professional activities during their first year of service.

        Key words: adaptation, professional adaptation, psychological resources, individual psychological features, professional activities of officers.


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