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Pakhno I. V.

        Irina Vladimirovna Pakhno is Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).



The article is devoted to a problem of the development of innovative personality in the process of professional adaptation. Innovation of the personality is considered as a basis for formation of innovative potential (IPL) of the professional. Theoretical foundation of the research in question comprises L.M.Mitina's concept of two models of professional adaptation, theoretical and experimental works of the domestic scientists devoted to mechanisms of personal self-development, innovative interaction of person with the world, motivators determining the introduction of innovations. The analysis of these works which allowed to make an assumption that the research of professional experience of innovators will reveal specific qualities of the personality available for them and motivation factors, is presented in the given article.

Three psychodiagnostic tools were chosen for collecting empirical data: biographic interview, MacKay's Five-factorial personal questionnaire - Costa ("The Big Five"), the method of studying the characteristics of the individual manifestations of personality innovation potential (V.K. Kalin, Yu.A. Vlasenko).

The author of the research made an attempt to establish interrelations between certain aspects of the identity of respondents and type of realization of innovative potential (IP) for the purpose of detection of regularities which might manifesty in the course of professional adaptation. The analysis of biographic interviews presented in article allowed to reveal the specifics of professional activity and the most typical biographic processes, characteristic of true innovators.

        Key words: innovation of personality (IPL), personality innovation potential, self-development mechanisms, models of professional adaptation, biographic interview.


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