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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2013



Yarulin I. F. , Galiullin D. L. Parties in the Civil Society: The Issue of Trust
Spassky E. N. Typology and Factors of Formation of Political Parties: Experience of Western Countries
Lyubitskaya G. S. , Spassky E. N. Political Parties and the Electorate
Leichenko O. F. Perception of Political Parties by Primorye Population
Kim A. S. , Stadnik V. Y. National Public Associations in Contemporary Russia: Conflict and Consensusthe
Smolyakov V. A. Taiwan's Party System
Marin E. B. , Kalita V. V. Development and Expert Evaluation of Personal Semantic Differential "Political Party"
Novikov D. V. Monopolism as Means of Resolution of Political Contradictions in Contemporary Capitalist Society (Theoretical Analysis)
Gerasimenko A. P. History of Russian Existential Philosophy of Law


Timoshenko V. N. Foreign Analysts on the Contemporary State of Affairs on Korean Peninsula
Chernov K. S. Policy and Concerns of China in the Conditions of New Korean Crisis
Ivanov A. Y. Demarcation Line between North and South Korea qua Source of Tension on Korean Peninsula
Samokhin A. V. Korean Conflict: The Present and the Future
Pishun S. V. An Jung Geun's Endeavour: Via Non-Conformity to Social Immortality
Trophimenko O. A. Means of Expression of Aspectual Meaning in Modern Korean


Alexeeva V. V. Competency-Based Approach in Programs of Higher Educational Institutions (the Case Study of Far Eastern Universities)
Agranat Yu. V. , Zlobina O. G. Competency-Based Approach in Teaching "Professional English" (the Case of Master Degree Program in Management)
Kopytko S. V. Self-Directed Learning of Russian as a Foreign Language in Technical Universities
Lu Tse. Strategic Partnership of Russia and China in the Domain of Education


Slivko S. V. Scientific and Socio-Political Connections of Far East Istpart (1922-1939)
Mamaeva T. G. Peculiarities and Characteristic Features of Activities of Russian Entrepreneurs in Manchuria in the Conditions of Political Instability and Shifting Regimes (1917-1945)
Kolomiytseva S. V. Development of Programmers' Operational Thinking Style in the Conditions of Economic Development of Khabarovsky Krai
Savchenko A. E. The Far East in the Regional Policy of Centre in 1990s (Primorsky, Khabarovsky and Amusky Region)
Nasonova N. A. , Faleev M. D. Institutional Base of Strategic Planning of Khabarovsky Krai
Ezhelya U. V. China's Railway Policy in the Late 70s ? Early 80s: Strategy and Success Tactic
Kachkin A. N. Struggle against Espionage in the Far East: Khabarovsk Counterintelligence Department and Its Executives (1911-1917)
Shakhvorostov V. V. The Role of the Local Population in Providing Inviolability of the Far Eastern Borders during World War II
Akhmetova A. V. , Sukorkina E. S. Problems of Training of Pedagogical Staff for National Schools of the Far East in 1930s
Nikitenko I. V. Socio-Philosophical Analysis of Civic Engagement (the Case Study of Development of Youth Parliamentarism in Khabarovsky Krai)
Tyurina Y. A. Adaptation Strategies of Far Eastern Youth in Terms of Higher Education and Employment
Mikheeva L. V. Interaction of Cognitive Functions and Emotional Characteristics of Person during Adaptation Period of Students of Elementary Schools
Pakhno I. V. Development of Innovative Personality in the Process of Professional Adaptation
Kharchevnikova E. V. Psychological Resources of Adaptation of Young Officers to Professional Activity
Levkova E. A. , Donkan I. M. , Vorobyova K. I. Complex Evaluation of Double Exclusion: Socio-Medical and Psychological Aspects (the Case Study of the Aboriginal Peoples of Priamurye)
Khuzyakhmetova V. F. Socialization of Youth in the Cultural Space of Khabarovsky Krai


Elantseva O. P. , Zdor A. V. The New Scientific History Book of the Far East: 21st Century
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