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Soboleva Т. N.

        Tatyana Nikolaevna Soboleva is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Associate Professor of Psychology Department at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: t.sobol.n.25@rambler.ru


The paper discusses the problem of simulator training of locomotive drivers with experience in train operation to develop their control activity combined with targeted learning of metaintellectual operations. The solution to this problem will allow taking into account the differences in drivers' personality and professionalization stages, one of the main requirements of psychological training. Based on the functional genetic approach introduced by V.D. Shadrikov, it should be noted that metaintellectual operations is a functional-structural formation and an interaction of each component, subject to the principle of flexible interaction. The structure of metaintellectual operations includes functional, operational, and regulatory components. Functional components make the natural basis for processes which create personal experience. Operating components are intellectual operations that are the result of training, the basis for the accumulation and transformation of personal experience. Regulatory components are intellectual operations that are realized through the prism of personality, character traits, values and meanings. The undertaken experiments allow concluding that such metaintellectual operations as perception, understanding and modeling can serve as psychological subsystems of controlling activities, provided they are consciously applied. Therefore, they can act as regulators of controlling activities which increase performance efference. When the operator voluntary uses such metaintellectual operations as perception, understanding, and modeling to solve management tasks, then metaintellectual operations, becoming the structural part of control activities, show different specific features. Performance requirements and conditions determine the appearance of those particular features of metaintellectual operations, which improve operator's performance efference.

        Key words: performance efference; metaintellectual operations, functional, operational, regulatory components; controlling activity; simulator.


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