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Grigorieva N. G.

        Ekaterina Alexandrovna Zibrova is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Head of Scientific Laboratory of Psychology of Professional Activity at Khabarovsk Krai Institute for Retraining and Qualification Upgrading in the Field of Professional Education.

E-mail: optima1984@mail.ru


The article discusses the role of professional identification in the process of adaptation of students of higher educational establishments. The adaptive ability is not believed to be the major indicator of the effectiveness of professional growth of the specialist to be. It is essential to consider students' adaptation from the perspective of their professional identification since interest for the selected vocation, personal initiative and self-improvement unquestionably facilitate motivation in the educational process which ultimately leads to the professional growth of the specialist.

The system of professional identification is initiated in the pre-university period of young people's education. Hence, it is essential to regulate the job market not only by means of centralized procedures, i.e. government order, but also via specific methods within educational process in high (secondary) schools, for boosting interest for specific required jobs (within the framework of industrial and economic infrastructures) should be realized not during but before actual choice of vocation. Technological and pedagogical promotion of the process of professional identification during professional training can both enhance students' motivation and expose the erroneousness of their professional choice. Surveys demonstrate that one third of the total of students is unsatisfied with the choice made.

Young people possessing successful professional identification as regards their future profession cope with adaptation challenges at universities quite easily and continue their personal and professional progress effectively.

        Key words: labor dynasties psychology, adaptation strategies of labor dynasty, adaptation experience of labor dynasty, adaptive potential of labor dynasty.


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