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Yurina I. G.

        Irina Georgievna Yurina is Postgraduate Student of Philology, Pedagogy and Psychology at Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture.

E-mail: yurina_irina@mail.ru


The article introduces the results of the research of the "creative age" from the position of psycho-semantics, which studies the development and functioning of the system of values of the individual consciousness with regard to certain phenomena.

107 students of both technical field and those majoring in the sphere of the Humanities were involved in the associative experiment.

The data analysis led to identifying in the semantic structure of the concepts in question such categories as temporality, activity, objectivity, emotionality which reflect the ambiguity of the phenomenon "creativity", and parameters of "age" - categories that allow for the notion of "creative age" qua multi-level cognitive construct.

The detected significant differences of the distribution of categories "temporality-activity-objectivity" within experimental groups confirm the premise that posits the diverse nature of the world images typical of different types of professionals.

The definition of these categories as dependent variables allows to develop the empirical tools for operationalization and sub-stantiation of the psycho-diagnostic potential of the "creative age" construct and to create its theoretical model in the context of professional activity and development.

The study of representations of the creative age qua psychological phenomena of representation of self-actualization temporal perspective is important in terms of determining the motivational component of the activity as well as subjective "renewal" factors of the creative age, understanding the real life potential of the individual in the actualization of creativity in the modern professional formation.

        Key words: creative age, association, mental representation, categorical analysis of representations of the creative age, specificity of professional image of the world.


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