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Lubitskaya О. А. , Chizhenko К. А.

        Olga Andreevna Lubitskaya is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology at Far East State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: lyubitskaya07@mail.ru

        Ksenia Anatolievna Chizhenko is an Undergraduate of the Department of Psychology at Far East State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: chizhenko_ksenia@rambler.ru


The paper presents the idea of the existence of professionally mediated world images. The authors emphasize the fact that professionals acquire specific visions of the surrounding world. "A substitute reality", a range of phenomena, situations and objects, allow researchers to distinguish differences between the world views of specialists of different types. This paper considers the results of empirical research focused on the category "professional success" as a "substitute reality". The sample consisted of representatives of two professional groups: railway transport specialists (30 people) and healthcare workers (30 people). The procedure for empirical research in the perception of professional success included two stages. The first stage was aimed at the reconstruction of ideas of professional success, factors that influence professional success and situations of experiencing professional success through psycho-semantic methods. During the second stage the authors conducted comparative analysis of the ideas of professional success belonging to specialists of different types. On the basis of the results of the empirical research the authors formulated the following conclusions: 1) both external (specific features of labour) and internal (meaningfulness of professional activity and labor satisfaction) factors considerably influence the perception of professional success; 2) psycho-semantic methods of research allow researchers to consider psychological features of perception of professional success in linguistic constructs which are characteristic of specific professional groups.

        Key words: professional perception, professional success, specialists of different types, situations of experiencing professional success, factors influencing professional success, psycho-semantic methods.


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