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Lezhenina A. A.

        Anna Andreevna Lezhenina is Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: Lanna0808@mail.ru


In the article value of psychological culture for professional adaptation is considered. The historical analysis of formation of the concept "psychological culture" is provided. The author makes a start from the concept "culture" which is understood as a level of development of creative power and abilities of the person, expressed in types and forms of the organization of his / her life and activity. Furthermore, the definitions of the concept "psychological culture" existing within the domain of the Russian school of psychology are given. The author understands psychological culture as the integrated characteristic of the personality which is shown in cultural ways of activity and interaction with the world and includes the maintenance of the relations to other person and to itself. The structure of psychological culture is presented in the form of set of cognitive, affective, motivational and behavioral components. Professional adaptation is understood by the author as process of occurrence of the person in a profession and harmonization of his interactions with the professional environment. In the article the value of each component of psychological culture for professional adaptation of experts is considered. Also the results of empirical research considering psychological culture of polytypic experts are presented. Results of empirical research show that the psychological culture is the foundation of professional adaptation, however the value of psychological culture differs in accordance with the specifics of professional activity.

        Key words: culture, psychological culture, professional adaptation.


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