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Laktionova A. I.

        Anna Igorevna Laktionova is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Research Assistant at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

E-mail: apan@inbox.ru


The purpose of this study was to investigate resilience as an individual or group ability to cope with destabilizing events, difficult life conditions or even serious injury. It is shown that resilience combines two dimensions which are relevant to the dynamic process of the positive adaptation in the context of adverse circumstances. The author investigated resilience not only as a simple human property of preservation or ability to return to normal state, but as a positive development, which is superior to the individual state. The empirical data of resilience and social adaptation of adolescents with normative and deviant behavior are presented. The peculiarities of social adaptation and resilience characteristic of both groups are described. The relationship between resilience and social adaptation of adolescents is analyzed. It was shown that personality and behavioral characteristics of adaptive adolescents and environmental features of their development are virtually protective factors (i.e. resilience) for them. Maladaptive adolescents' personality and behavioral characteristics as well as environmental features are risk factors for them, which are lowering their resilience. Low resilience of maladaptive adolescents is determined by deficiency of psychological and environmental resources. The relationship between adolescents' resilience and their social adaptation is not apparent and adaptation to asocial environment endangers pro-social behavior of teenagers.

        Key words: adolescents, social adaptation, resilience, personality and behavioral characteristics.


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