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Yassman V. P.

        Victor Pavlovich Yassman is Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: yassman@yandex.ru


In this article the phenomenon of homosexual identity is discussed from the point of view of phenomenological hermeneutical trends in psychology. It is shown that the spreading of this phenomenon is a clear example of changes occurring in the world, which brings the society to the necessity of adaptation to the new conditions of existence. The question of the role of the conceptual system of consciousness in the formation of subjectivity is raised. It is stated that human subjectivity and his understanding of the world are mediated by the inherent representational system, which does not reflect reality but relates. The leading role in the representation of the world in the mind is given to language containing a symbolic representation of the global world. Meaningful and systematic development of consciousness occurs with changes in the system of values and meaning of the word. By giving the word subjective meaning, each person has an individual conceptualization of his being. Hence, the reconstruction and qualitative analysis of subjective representative system allows distinguishing differences in the conceptualization of the world between those that differ according to various parameters, in this case according to sexual preference. So the problem of interaction of biological and social factors in the formation of subjectivity is denoted. The results of structural and thematic analysis of the association experiment are given. The semantic differences in the reconstruction of the reality by women with different sexual identities are described.

        Key words: being, understanding, cognitive attitude, subjective conceptualization of reality, representation, concept, meaning, conceptual framework, conceptual framework approach to the world, subjectivity, sexual identity, gender identity, identity conflict, subjective well-being.


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