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Monsonova A. R.

        Aryuna Radnanimaevna Monsonova is Candidate of Science (Psychology), Associate Professor of the Faculty of Social Science and Psychology at Buryat State University.

E-mail: monsonova@rambler.ru


In the article axiological determinants of adaptation of personality qua subject of ethno-confessional relations are considered. It is necessary to note that the problem of personal adaptation to the complex system of ethno-religious relations in the multi-cultural environment of today is urgent at present, especially in the ontogenetic perspective due to the introduction of the new subject - the fundamentals of world religions - into the school curriculum. In the article there have been outlined certain criteria for distinguishing particular variants of ethno-confessional relations, the psychological analysis of the peculiarities of the latter in relation to the type of the sociocultural situation of the ethnic community has been carried out. The following psycho-diagnostic methods of empirical data collection have been used: R. Inglehart's value-orientation test (modified by M.S. Yanitskiy), G.A. Aminev's "Spiritual Differential" test and The Rokeach Value Survey. To sum it up, the author of the article posits that the most important determinants in the sphere of value orientations of the buryats are their historic legacy, memory, beliefs and ideas about their native land, their ancestors, indigenous art and national character.

        Key words: value, value orientation, meaning, types of personalities: individualizing, adaptable, socializing, ethno-confessional relations, subjectivity.


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