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Lazareva L. P.

        Larisa Petrovna Lazareva is Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor of Psychology Department at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: Larisa-mich@list.ru


The paper examines the problem of correlation of the terms "personal adaptability" as the ability to adapt to social requirements and evaluation criteria by accepting social norms and values and "mental health", which reflects the ability to work, to take a positive view of the world in all its contradictory diversity, to love, and to overcome stress with relative ease. Adaptability is considered as a generator of health of a socialized personality with its own complex structure each element of which executes a health saving function. Mental health, in its turn, is a state of equilibrium, adequate human relationship with the environment manifested in people's life style, optimistic thinking, living in harmony with age and understanding the value of life. Personal sustainability is conceptualized as a system factor which reflects the quality of mental health. The author interprets the semantic constructs of personal sustainability through actual indicators of mental health.

        Key words: adaptability, mental health, the acceptance of social standards, adaptability to change, individual’s subjective time, lifestyle, sustainability as a systemic factor of mental health.


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