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Yassman L. V.

        Ludmila Victorovna Yassman is Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Department of Psychology at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: yassman@yandex.ru


The author of the article develops an idea that adaptive mental activity is an important factor which provides a person with a state of psychological health, which is understood as "a set of physical and mental abilities that the body, the living human being has". In modern psychology, the problem of adapting of the individual literally "impregnates" contemporary theories of the individual, which postulate that his/her inner world is in the direct contact with the external social world. The main objective of the present work is to identify the relation of adaptability to maturity of the semantic sphere of an individual and to show that the adapted mental activity is a major factor that contributes to the health of a person, which is a combination of physical and spiritual abilities. Our study showed that among the indicators of mental health are the activity response and pro-social aspirations which is a sign of personal maturity, which, in its turn, contributes to successful adaptation of a person in the changing world. The norm of mental health involves not only successful adaptation but productive development of a person for the benefit of himself/herself and the society one lives in. Psychological health and maturity of the individual are two major indispensable issues of psychological counseling in matters related to the problems of human adaptation in the changing world.

        Key words: adaptation, psychological health, semantic sphere, norm, levels of mental health, self-centered focus, group-oriented direction, maturity, structure of the semantic sphere of an individual.


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