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Vorobyeva C. I.

        Clarissa Ivanovna Vorobyeva is Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology at Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: psy@festu.khv.ru


The article is devoted to the understanding of social and psychological adaptation according to subjective approach, in which a personality serves as a subject and a creator of his own life. This approach allows determining the qualitative characteristics of identity as an important factor that largely predetermines a person's choice of the strategy of adaptation. The most important characteristic of identity is stability-dynamism. Personal identity is the source of internal stability and allows a person to be himself in the most intense external changes, providing the efficiency of the process of social adaptation. Personality as a subject of adaptation, possessing a high level of internal identity, has a powerful adaptive resource, consisting in succession of goals and ways of life, communication reliability and stability of self-esteem and evaluation system of the outside world, maintaining social interaction skills.

The crisis of identity appears under conditions of radical and social changes, the destructive nature of which manifests itself in the loss of positive personal identity; negative evaluation of in-group; false identity (for example, social mimicry, simulation of the activity are widely spread in modern Russia). However, the level of the crisis of identity, its depth, and peculiarities of surmounting the crisis depend on the level of a person's subjectivity. The reduction of the level of social identity, increased choice of various social categories and the growth of personal, individual characteristics for identify increase the chances of a mature personality in ego-identity, in the choice of the most accurate, true social categories for identification. These factors increase the efficiency of personality's adaptation and strengthen the feeling of control over life.

        Key words: the subject of adaptation, personal and social identity, stability dynamism of identity, destructive and constructive identity crises, social mimicry, simulation of the activity.


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