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Ivanova Ye. M.

        Yelena Mikhailovna Ivanova is Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology of Labour and Engineering Psychology at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

E-mail: e.m.ivanova@mail.ru


The article presents the results of the study of development dynamics of cognitive activity characteristic of students of Psychology which is typical of their pre-professional stage which, in its turn, is viewed as the foundation of formation of professional self-identification. Self-identification was viewed as a dynamic process and as a form of person's active interaction with objective reality which tend to shed light upon the individual modes of perception of the surrounding world as well as understanding, awareness, outlook and experience; it reveals the dynamics of behavioral strategies' formation, alongside communicative interaction and overcoming challenges.

The aim of the given study consisted in evaluating the hypothesis which posits that the transformation dynamics of interrelation of various spheres of cognitive activity (axiological-semantic, cognitive-imaginative, operational-orientational, motivational, sensory and emotional, communicative and social, motivational-emotional and regulatory-volitional) will unveil both its shared and singular regularities, as well as conditions of life activity which either promote or oppose professional self-identification and growth.

The undertaken research has helped define: 1) three type of interrelation between development of the students' cognitive activity and objective life conditions which reveal differentiation of transformation characteristic of person's individual advancement (viewed also as subject of labour) in the period preceding higher education and which subsequently determine the success of professional training and ultimately, the choice of career; 2) four types of tendencies characterizing personal direction of development in its correlation with development of cognitive activity spheres which can be seen as criteria defining professional fulfillment prognosis.

        Key words: man, person, subject of labour, self-assessment, professional self-identification, cognitive activity, dynamics, development, direction of development, objective reality.


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