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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Lapitskaya I. Y.

        Irina Yuryevna Lapitskaya is Candidate of Science (Sociology), Associate Professor of the Chair of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University.

E-mail: lapirina@yandex.ru


The problem of identity currently compels the attention of researchers from various fields of science. The given article reviews the processes of formation, development, and loss of social identity in the conditions of population habitation in the remote areas of this country. The chronological framework of the research covering the period from 1990-s up to the present is stipulated by the transformations of all aspects of Russian population's life which occured at that time.

In the Soviet period, in view of the conditions of planned economy, no need to provide regional comparisons ever occured; the correspondence of indicators to the target figures was treated as the main indicator of social development. The situation has cardinally changed recently: the problems of regional progress have become crucial at the current stage of Russia's development. Of the utmost importance among those are the issues related to the formation of specific social identity of Russia's Far East residents.

It is believed that if the paternalistic policy characterizing the development of the Far East (the only possible one, considering all the conditions of the regional development - geographic, climatic, economic, geopolitical) had been preserved and all programs necessary for its development (those taking into account regional specifics in the conditions of new socio-economic and political realties) had been passed, debates as regards population decrease would have been cancelled, as well as the brisk conclusions about the possible closure and termination of some Far-Eastern cities. In order to guarantee further progressive advance of the country, it is necessary to form the all-Russian social identity of the citizens irrespective of their residence.

        Key words: social identity, Far East, Russia, detachment, reforms, transformation, policy.

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