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Doubrovsky D. I.

        David Izrailevich Doubrovsky is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Chief Research Officer at Department of Theory of Cognition of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

E-mail: ddi29@mail.ru


The article considers the notions of mass (typical, ordinary, average) man and mainstream culture; negative aspects of mass consciousness which are rooted in the nature of man have been described. The role mass media play in upholding and sustaining those qualities and values and in facilitating the anthropological crisis is being analyzed. Certain questions connected with the prophesied singularity scenario, which is to occur, hypothetically, in the middle of the XXI century, are raised and the potential ways of transformation of consciousness of modern man are discussed. Is this plausible?

        Key words: mass (typical, average) man, mainstream culture, mass consciousness, the nature of man, global problems of human civilization, singularity, strategies of mass media, anthropological crisis, existential problems, axiological-semantic structures of consciousness, alteration of consciousness.

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