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Dokuchaev I. I.

        Ilya Igorevich Dokuchaev is Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Professor, Head of Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Vice-Rector for Public Relations at Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Technical University.

E-mail: ilya_dokuchaev@mail.ru


In this paper, culture is defined as a totality, a combination of semiotic instruments of manifestation of cognitive factors charac-terizing human activity. The major forms of culture - science, values, art, practice - and the main stages of their development - syncretic tradition and rationalized creativity - are treated as derivatives of the key properties of cognitive sphere - absoluteness, integrity, anthropological vector, personalization and rationalization of information.

        Key words: culture, sign, information, cognitive sphere, science, value, art, absoluteness, integrity, anthropological vector, personalization, rationalization.

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