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Matvienko E. V.

        Elena Viktorovna Matvienko is Candidate of Science (Ph.D in Linguistics), Associate Professor of the English Philology Department at Sholom-Aleichem Priamursky State University.

E-mail: 4helen2002@mail.ru


Images and motives of East-Asian mythology come to the English-speaking world mostly with East-Asian folk tales translated into English and with Asian-American literature. Studying East-Asian mythology and the way it is reflected in the culture and language of the English-speaking world, we found out that not so many East-Asian mythonyms are recorded in English dictionaries. The meaning of most of them is described in different encyclopedias.

The article describes the ways English-speaking authors render Japanese mythonyms. As transphonation is the most common way of translation of Japanese mythonyms, some cases of phonetic assimilation of Japanese mythonyms are described. Besides, the article gives examples of adaptation of mythonyms on grammatical and lexical levels.

        Key words: mythonym, loan-word, target language, source language, adaptation, assimilation.

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