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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2013



Vikulova L. G. Development of Script Institution in Medieval France: Socio-Cultural and Communicative Aspects
Gorelova O. A. An Idiom with a Vermicide Effect (Aspects of a Romance Idiom)
Gorobets O. B. The Communicative Space of a Regional City in the Global World
Yegorova A. S. On the Linguistic Norm and Deviations from It in Different Englishes
Maximova Y. S. On Types of Naming in Describing Communicative Behavior
Malneva E. Y. Inner Form, Etymological Meaning and Literal Sense: The Role of Etymological Analysis in Contemporary Linguocognitive Studies
Matvienko E. V. Japanese Mythonyms in the English Language
Megrabova E. G. The Unity of Opposites as a Basis of China's Image in the Discourse of Newsweek Magazine (Linguistic Aspect)
Mutylina A. Y. Russian-Chinese Bilinguals' Communication
Rivlina A. A. On Some Features and Linguistic Problems of the Process of Russian-English Mass Bilingualism Formation
Roland Sussex Teaching English to Russians in 1940: A Dislocation between Language and Culture


Dokuchaev I. I. Culture as Cognitive Sphere: Semiotic Aspect
Doubrovsky D. I. Modern-Day Consciousness and the Future of Human Civilization
Lipsky B. I. Intuitive and Discursive Aspects of Formation of the Scientific Image of the World
Serdyukov Yu. M. Contours of Transcendental Experience


Moiseeva L. A. , Dudarenok S. M. , Kuleshov V. E. State Policy of Support and Development of Russian Far Eastern Entrepreneurship and Businesses at the Turn of the 21st Century
Lapitskaya I. Y. Social Identity of Residents of Russian Far East: Alterations Affected by Transformations
Leichenko O. F. Rotation of the Regional Political Leadership in Modern Conditions
Voronina N. A. Social Partnership qua Stability-Warranting Factor (Based on Khabarovsk Krai Experience)
Oleynikova E. Y. Universities of the Russian Far East in International Rankings
Vlasova-Saykova V. V. Subjective Indicators of Socio-Ecological Values of Health in the Structure of Self-Preservation Behavior of Youth
Kovalchouk A. M. Symbols of Russian Ethnic Identity Manifest in Print Advertising Issued by Russian Expatriates in China
Lobanova T. N. The Linguistic Image of a Woman in Chinese Political Mass-Media Discourse
Baksheeva E. B. Tax Policy of the Soviet Union as regards Russian Orthodox Church in Southern Far East from 1941 till 1953
Gantimourov I. P. Crime Prevention of Foreign Poaching in Priamurye General-Governorship in 1884-1903
Lazareva L.P. Zhang Chunyu Psychological Aspects of Conceptions of Pedagogical Technologies within the Educational Space of China and Russia
Kovalchouk M. A. , Piotrovich A. A. , Su Da Sun Yat-Sen and His Contribution to the Development of the First Plan of the Railway Network Construction in China
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