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Titova O. K.

        Olga Konstantinovna Titova is Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor of the Department of Professionally-Oriented Foreign Languages of School of Regional and International Studies at Far Eastern Federal University.

E-mail: rada_yulia@mail.ru


The article offers a description of the lingua-cultural peculiarities of Vietnamese loan-words, adopted by English during linguistic and cultural contacts. It contains relevant information as regards linguistic contacts between Vietnamese and English and the role the English language plays in Vietnam. The study of Vietnamese loan-words has been performed on various linguistic levels of the English language system: phonographical, morphological, and semantic; it focuses on both vocabulary words and those which occur in context. The article also describes the ways in which Vietnamese loan-words are incorporated into English texts about Vietnamese culture and which function in the thematic fields that are of great interest for English language speakers.

        Key words: Vietnamese loan-words, borrowing, linguistic and cultural contacts, assimilation, phonographical, morthological, semantic, lingua-cultural field.

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