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Milovanova M. M.

        Marina Mikhailovna Milovanova is Candidate of Science (Law), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Criminology at Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy.

E-mail: milovanova_marin@mail.ru


The article recounts a problem of counteraction to investigation of crimes which has been of particular interest for the scientific community for the last twenty years. It is noted that of late this phenomenon has become even more widespread, and its contents and forms are rather versatile.

So long as in jurisprudence and law-enforcement practice there is a various understanding of the term "counteraction" in article from the different points of view is disclosed essential content of this term, opinions of scientists are analyzed. Counteraction to clearance and investigation of crimes in the most general view is understood as the activity representative system of illegal purposeful actions, oriented to arrangement of conditions and the circumstances preventing to restoration of an objective picture of a criminal event and administer justice, realized by participants of criminal legal proceedings and other interested persons.

It is noted that various ways and forms of counteraction to investigation of crimes correspond to concrete types of crimes which are shown in the individual actions, having by the purpose concealment of the illegal act, being realized in the form of the separate acts directed on falsification, concealment, masking or destruction of traces of crime, information or its carriers.

Reasonings are studied concerning forms and ways of counteraction to investigation of crimes. Are exposed to analysis internal counteraction which is rendered by persons involved in any form to investigation of crimes: the suspects. accused, witnesses, victims, experts and specialists, the casual persons which have appeared on a crime scene, etc. and external counteraction which includes counteracting activity of persons, or connected with the investigator procedural, office or other imperious relations or dependences.

Besides, in article separate ways of overcoming of counteraction to investigation of crimes are considered.

        Key words: crime, counteraction to investigation of crimes, forms of counteraction to investigation of crimes, subjects of counteraction, overcoming of counteraction to investigation of crimes are considered.

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