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Mamoshin A. A.

        Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Mamoshin is Candidate of Science (Law), Associate Professor of Department of Criminal and Legal Studies at Far Eastern State Transportation University.

E-mail: kaf_ugpd@festu.khv.ru


Crime control enforcement and improvement at the present development stage of a democratic and law-governed country is one of the most important and critical tasks to be solved by legal sciences, law-enforcement community and nation as a whole. Nevertheless, positive results cannot be achieved without finding qualitatively new solutions for problems of crime decrease and minimization. The solution to such problems directly depends on criminal policy pursued by the state.

A steady improvement of legal measures to control crime characterizes the modern state of criminal policy. However, the efficiency of these measures depends much not only on the present-day state of criminal legislature and its content as corresponding with the needs of a criminal legal practice, on the political and economic stability in the country, but also on the modern definition of the term ‘criminal policy' itself.

The criminal legal practice of the Soviet time, and later periods as well, paid much attention to these matters. Still, up to now, no complex analysis of the essence and content of criminal policy has been undertaken in order to define its modern development stage as a specific function of the state to realize and improve law-making activities in the sphere of crime control.

No doubt, considering the latest amendments to criminal legislature, these issues need thorough studies.

The objective of this paper is, within the framework of a complex analysis of the essence and content of present-day criminal policy, to produce contracted, precise and laconic definitions of criminal policy provisions, its terminology as revealing criminal policy content as a state activity to control crime.

        Key words: policy, criminal policy, regime of law, justice and legal sciences, policy tools, policy structure, area of state activity.

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