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Shuroukhnov N. G.

        Nickolay Grigorjevich Shurukhnov is Doctor of Science (Law), Professor, Professor of the Chair of Criminal Law and Special Sciences, Moscow University for the Humanities.

E-mail: matros49@mail.ru


The paper discusses the content of specific data, which compose criminalistic characteristics of counterfeiting (in the RF Criminal Code the term ‘counterfeiting' is not used. Article 186, RF CC is called "Adulteration of money or securities"). Historically this type of crime appeared together with money invention. The author presents statistics of various agencies (the Main Information and Analytical Center and the Organization Planning Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Bank of Russia) on counterfeiting (adulteration of banknotes of the Central Bank of Russia and foreign countries) in the Russian Federation. For instance, 44108, 59805, 46272, 40672, 45251, 38572, 26948 cases of counterfeiting were registered in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively. According to 2010 data 128700 forged banknotes of the Central Bank of Russia and 4149 currency units of foreign countries were found. In 2011 these figures were 94567 and 3423, respectively. Moreover, a great number of cases are of latent character. The detection of counterfeiting is only 10 to 36 %. Considering present-day factors this type of crime has got the status of organized transnational criminal activities. Most often counterfeiting goes together with drug dealing, arms trade, human trafficking and international terrorism, which make this negative phenomenon an especially dangerous crime.

The paper also provides brief characteristics of counterfeiting, including information on the target of criminal offence; crime execution and covering up; adulteration of banknotes; its causes and conditions; counterfeiter personality. The presented statistics confirms the described facts.

        Key words: counterfeiting, criminalistic characteristics, banknotes, transnational crime.

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