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Turchin D. A.

        Dmitriy Afanasjevich Turchin is Doctor of Science (Law), Professor, Professor of the Chair of Public Justice, Procuracy Supervision and Criminalistics, Law School at Far Eastern Federal University, Honored Jurist of Russia and Honored Educator of the Russian Federation Higher Education.

E-mail: crim@chair.dvgu.ru


The paper briefly discusses criminal investigation and investigator performance as two inseparable components of criminal proceedings.

The discussion is focused on the strict adherence to the rule of law as the most essential aspect of investigation in criminal proceedings. Investigation is carried out by a particular person, who acts as a government representative. The investigator personality and his personal features are discussed in more detail regarding crime detection and case solution. That is why this topic has recently become the center of attention of criminal law scientists. The research eventually is focused on psychological and business qualities of investigator personality. Various opinions of Russian criminal law scientists on this topic are presented.

        Key words: investigation, investigating officer, criminal proceedings, investigator personality, psychological characteristics.

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