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Yegorov N. N.

        Nicolay Nikolaevich Yegorov is Doctor of Science (Law), Professor at Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy.

E-mail: egorovnn@yandex.ru


The author of the article considers and analyzes certain elements of evidence gathering such as search, detection, fixation and preservation. The directions of efficiency for increasing in proofs collecting are offered such as the process optimization in collecting of proofs during production of investigatory actions; improvement of criminality ensuring process in evidence collecting; improvement of the regulation at the introduction in proofing the proofs received from the subjects of criminal legal proceedings; legislative permission of the proofs collecting by the expert during examination; improvement of obtaining evidence from the bodies of foreign criminal justice as rendering of legal helping on criminal cases.

        Key words: evidence collecting, search for evidence, detection, fixing and saving; ways of proofs collecting, collecting of evidence by the inspector, investigator and other participants of criminal legal proceedings.

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