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Volchetskaya T. S.

        Tatiana Stanislavovna Volchetskaya is Doctor of Science (Law), Professor, Head of Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics and Legal Informatics Department at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Honored Educator of the Russian Federation Higher Education.

E-mail: larty777@gmail.com


The author discusses several theoretical problems related to the application of a modeling technique in criminology; the specific terminology is analysed as well as the correlation of specific related notions, i.e. a version, plan, prognosis, etc. While creating a model of a particular case, an investigator is primarily governed by the typical assumptions, i.e. information which is normally contained in criminological description of a particular type of crimes.

Having summarized a considerable number of representative criminal cases and having revealed peculiarities and individual features of particular crimes, the author proposes a standard model for detection and investigation of crimes of a specific type. There is no doubt that a regular criminological description is to be viewed as the result of an inquiry conducted on the basis of a standard model of crimes of a particular type.

The author substantiates the statement that final results and outcome of model studies are of practical importance and are, therefore, used by investigators in order to detect particular specific crimes.

        Key words: criminological methodology, methods of judicial lawmaking, modeling, criminological modeling, criminal investigation, investigator, version, planning, criminological characteristics of crime.

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