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Bakhta A. S.

        Andrey Sergeevich Bakhta is Doctor of Science (Law), Professor, Head of Far Eastern Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

E-mail: redactor80@gmail.com


The author addresses the issues concerning the improvement of the system of judicial control which is meant to guarantee access to justice for victims of crime.

The measures suggested by the author include the following procedures. In case the dismissal of a particular case is found groundless or illegal or there is evidence of wrongful termination of legal action prior to its completion, it is essential to coerce Pre-Trial Division officials and the prosecutor into challenging the verdict and calling for inquiry and filing a lawsuit. Apart from that, in order to promote speedy and efficient administration of justice it is imperative that the court be provided with a compilation of legal means which may effectively reinforce legality and warrant relevance of the actions instigated by the officials of Pre-Trial Division and the Prosecutor's Office.

        Key words: legal defence, victim, justice, complaint, judicial control, Pre-Trial procedures, refusal to open a criminal case, legal measures, legality.

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