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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #4, year 2012



Bakhta A. S. Providing the Victim with Access to Justice
Volchetskaya T. S. Theoretical Issues in Using Modeling Method in Criminology
Yegorov N. N. Criminological Aspects of Evidence Gathering
Ischenko E. P. , Morozov A. A. Some Aspects of Forensic Biology
Korma V. D. Criminological Research Methods of Investigating Crimes Related to Technogenic Sources of Increased Danger
Meretskiy N. E. Initial Stage of Investigating Theft Committed During Capital Railroad Construction
Parkhomenko S. V. , Radchenko E. V. The Need for Legislative Regulation and Reform of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation As Regards Injuries Inflicted When Performing a Special Mission
Romanova L. I. The Problems of Criminal Law Policy of Crime Prevention in Russia
Turkulets A. V. , Turkulets S. E. Philosophical and Legal Basis of Criminal Policy in Russia and Japan (A Comparative Study)
Turchin D. A. Criminal Investigation and Investigator
Shuroukhnov N. G. Specific Data Contents Pertaining to Brief Criminological Characteristics of Money Forgery (Counterfeiting of Money)
Yarovenko V. V. , Turchin D. A. Comprehensive Study as a Form of Expert's Expertise Utilization
Alyokhin D. V. Salient Features of Criminal Cases against Judges, Jurors and Arbitration Court Accessors Reported During Administration of Justice
Vassilieva O. N. Aspects of Criminological Characteristics of Crimes in the Sphere of Currency Turnover
Kalyuzhny A. N. Classification of Evidence of Criminal Activities Infringing upon Freedom of Personality
Lazareva I. V. Problems Related to Development of Online Court Proceedings in Russia
Mamoshin A. A. Criminal Policy as a Component of State Policy As Regards Crime Prevention
Meretskaya N. A. Tax Violation: Issues of Evidence in Law Enforcement (Tax Administration)
Milovanova M. M. Some Aspects of Counteraction to Investigation of Crimes
Sinenko S. A. The Issue of Victim's Involvement in the Administration of Criminal Justice
Filyanina I. M. Reform of Electoral Systems: Constitutional Dialogu
Florya D. F. Specific Means and Methods of Overcoming Violations in the Sphere of Investigation of Kidnapping Related Crimes
Khoudina T. F. The Problem of Criminal Law Liability for the Abuse of Authority


Ezhelya U. V. Women's Share of Labour Force on the Far Eastern Railway in the Second Half of the XXth and the Beginning of the XXIst Centuries: History of Social Changes
Kormochi E. A. China and West: Attitude Towards Nature as a Philosophical Problem
Krizhanovskaya I. A. The English Language as a Means of Indirect Research and Expression of Chinese Politeness
Potaichouk Yu. V. Social and Professional Adaptation of Students of Far Eastern Secondary Special Educational Institutions in the Conditions of Modernization of Educational Institutions
Smirnova E. A. Current State of Professional Prestige of Social Workers as Assessed by Khabarovsk Krai Population
Serkova N. I. Language Policy and Foreign Language Education in the Russian Far East and Pacific Rim Countries
Sokolova D. A. Enrolment and Adaptation of Foreign Students at Universities in Republic of Korea
Titova O. K. Vietnamese Loan-Words in English: Lingua-Cultural Characteristics
Yu S. O. Youth Value Potential: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches
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